upon a painted ocean Jackson Selkirk


Published: January 23rd 2013

Kindle Edition

318 pages


upon a painted ocean  by  Jackson Selkirk

upon a painted ocean by Jackson Selkirk
January 23rd 2013 | Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, RTF | 318 pages | ISBN: | 8.74 Mb

Duty or ambition? Why even ask?Jackson Selkirk is a social worker with a social problem all of his own. An aspiring writer, he just received a letter asking him to travel half way across the world, to the Bahamas, so that he can sign the publishing contract of his dreams.But that’s not why he can’t sleep- taking the trip will mean abandoning thirteen year old Luke Michelle, a scrawny brat who also happens to be the most vulnerable child on his caseload. Can Jackson ditch the kid in his very hour of need?In short: yes.After the plane crashes into the sea, Jackson is left stranded on the ‘Cyclops’, an ancient collier that everyone believed sunk without trace in the Bermuda triangle ninety years ago.

He has plenty of time to luxuriate in regret.Marooned on the rusty hulk and fighting for survival in the middle of the Sargasso Sea, with a ragbag cast of characters, including a washed out porn star, a corrupt copper, and the ominously named narcotics dealer Druggie Douggie, Jackson is surprised to discover that they all have plenty in common, not least that they all received that same written epistle.Their predicament is something far beyond a mere accident.When the survivors start disappearing from the ancient vessel, those who remain seek rescue with a new urgency.

Their entwined histories could be the key to their escape and to Jackson finding his way back to the child he so callously abandoned.Duty or ambition? Why even ask?----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------“You succeeded in grabbing my attention with this opening… your writing about the crashes is strong and effective.”Kate Shaw, at Aitken Alexander Associates“It is very funny and a good idea.”Sebastian Godwin of David Godwin AssociatesI loved your approach.Penny Holroyde at Caroline Sheldon Literary Agency Ltd.

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