Romance in Cyberspace the inspiring true love story of finding love and romance online Dean Hopkins



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Romance in Cyberspace the inspiring true love story of finding love and romance online  by  Dean Hopkins

Romance in Cyberspace the inspiring true love story of finding love and romance online by Dean Hopkins
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“Original, Sensitive, Suspenseful, Sometimes Comical, Somewhat Mystical, Realistically Romantic and Absolutely True this could be one of the most inspiring Contemporary Romance stories you will read this year”Finding love and a perfect partner when you are divorced and in your forties is difficult enough and maintaining these relationships with all your past baggage can be an absolute nightmare.Imagine adding to that finding someone online who is from a different country and culture, speaks another language and all the challenges that can entail.

Not to mention only finding each other through a strange set of synchronistic circumstances that almost led them in a completely different direction where they would never have met at all.Meet Dean and Angella,Their amazing true love story proves it is possible if you really believe in your dream, follow your heart and continue to take action on it.

They prove that love really can overcome any obstacle and knows no boundaries. Through inspired action, belief and maybe the odd helping hand from higher powers they somehow managed to create a way to be together even when it looked like it would never happen.This is their story of how they first came to meet and fall in love and it is an inspiration to the millions of people searching for true love and Romance Online.

Dean and Angella are a modern and forward thinking couple and their passion to bring East and West cultures together with understanding and harmony is a model for the modern relationship in our global community.Stylishly written in a semi romance novel style it is set to a background of culture, travel, Technology and modern day life and with more than a dash of Romantic Mysticism it will reach out and touch you in a wonderful way. It features actual real life dialogue between the couple and the synchronicity of meaningful events will leave you spellbound and inspired with the hope and feeling that love really is made in heaven sometimes.If you enjoy reading a good Contemporary Romance novel and you like the idea of it being a True Love Story and if you have ever wondered whether it can really all happen online!

Romance in Cyberspace is possibly one of the best Romance stories you will read this year.Words from the Authors: Dean and Angella“ We knew soon after we met that we had possibly been destined to meet as it seemed God, Buddha and the Universe had kept trying to bring us together even though for some time we didn’t realize it and even tried to deny it.Then we were amazed at the wonderful responses we got from so many people around the world when we started to share our story online and this made us decide to write this book.We are both romantic people so we wanted to give this a Romance Novel kind of feel as to us that is how much of our story seems.

We are not professional writers but we have a passion to inspire people and we write from the heart. We also believe that a lot of the things that happened in our lives have such synchronicity and meaning that along with the wonderful power of love it has a strong and current message for the world right now because so many people are looking for love and now looking for love online. People need hope and inspiration to believe it really can happen and that there really is someone out there for them.So with this book we hope you will enjoy not only the drama of our story but the hope and belief that there really is more to this life and that if you truly believe and follow your heart you can find love.”

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